Are you doing a First Look??

Here's why I think first looks are the key to a stress-free wedding...

In my personal opinion, I LOVE the first look. I wish I had done it for my own wedding in 2016! First looks are more fun and intimate way of seeing each other one last time before becoming one. It’s just you two at this moment, no one else. I direct you, then sit back and capture the moments your groom sees you for the first time. Doing the first look also gives you a little break from all the hustle and bustle to soak at the moment with your groom and calm each other’s nerves down from all the excitement from the day.

The first look is usually chosen by brides who want to enjoy their cocktail hour. So we do the first look for 15 minutes, then bring out the bridal party and get all of their images done and out of the way before everyone gets all loopy from the juice ;) 

Above all reasons why I recommend a first look is because there’s absolutely no rushing at all. I sit down with my brides and create a timeline and go over everything they want to be captured and what they want to do. You want to enjoy your cocktail hour but also want a ton of portraits with and without your bridal party? No problem! You see because you’re opting for the first look, you then don’t have that small window of time (cocktail hour) to get ALL of those portraits you want to be done. We can schedule to arrive at the church or venue an hour and a half before ceremony to get all of your portraits out of the way, so that after your I do’s you come with me for a few snapshots, then go enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests so you’re not stuck walking around all evening greeting and thanking everyone. You can rest at ease that you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding from start to finish…and get to eat all of those fancy & delicious hors d’ oeuvres ;)


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